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I needed to find an attorney for my workers’ compensation claim, FAST! I was running out of time on the statute of limitations, and I needed treatment for my lower back. I was injured on the job – the chair I was sitting in at the job site collapsed and really messed up my back.

A friend of mine told me about the LawInfo site and about the Lead Counsel attorneys. I ran a search and found a Lead Counsel attorney who took my case. Now, I’m getting the treatment I need for my back. Thanks LawInfo!

Leon Ferguson

I had a friend who passed away recently, and I am the guardian of her child. I moved recently and found out that I needed to file a change of residence form with the court. A friend of mine told me about LawInfo and the Legal Resource Center that has over 70,000 free legal forms. I visited and looked in their estate planning forms. I found the change of residence form I needed and filed it with the court, which saved me a lot of legal hassles.

I’m glad my friend told me about LawInfo, and I plan on using it again if I need another document quickly.

Roxanne Miller

Through the use of your site … I was able to evaluate [the Lead Counsel attorney’s] background and experience as it related to my particular issue. I was very impressed with his credentials/experience as a seasoned business attorney. I scheduled an appointment and he met me that day!

When I met with the ‘web’ attorney, there was no question … he was more impressive in person than his online credentials. I signed a retainer agreement and he immediately began working on my case.

Cindy Lux

I use the LawInfo Legal Resource Center all the time for answers to questions and to download legal documents. They even have some pretty nice fill in forms that I use sometimes. It’s a great site!

Ed Dominguez

I go to the LawInfo Legal Resource Center a lot when I have general legal questions that I want answered fast. They have answers to a lot of questions I would have been spending money to ask my attorney. Whenever I have a question, I first visit LawInfo’s Legal Resource Center. This way, my lawyer only has to handle the complicated questions I have about my case.

Abigail Bloom