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Closed Adoptions

Of the three customary forms of adoption, open, semi-open and closed, closed is the most restrictive and limited. In a closed adoption, the adoptive parents and birth mother remain confidential. There is no contact before or after the child is adopted. After a closed adoption, the files are sealed and in most cases, not made available to the adopted child.

Closed Adoption Attorneys

Closed adoption attorneys are adoption lawyers who work with mothers and parents and assist with their family planning wishes. Closed adoption attorneys can help advise a mother or adoptive parents on the benefits and limitations regarding a close adoption, and help the parties decide whether a close adoption is the right course of action. Additionally, close adoption attorneys can help broker the relationship between the two parties by drafting the paperwork and making sure all legal filings are made.

Why You May Need a Closed Adoption Attorney

The rights of and disclosures to birth and adoptive parents and the adopted child differ greatly between closed and open adoptions. Therefore, it may be advisable to consult a closed adoption attorney before deciding which process is best for you. A closed adoption attorney can explain the requirements of closed adoptions and help you determine whether you are comfortable with its limitations.

Since preserving the privacy of all the parties is the hallmark of a closed adoption, an attorney can prepare and review adoption documents to ensure that your identity and address are not disclosed.

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