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Child Support Enforcement Overview

Orders for child support can be active for several years. During that period changes will occur in the circumstances of parent or child that can impact the terms of the court’s order. Material changes to the needs of parent or child, including the ability to pay child support, may initiate a reevaluation of the amount paid.
Most if not all states have centralized the pursuit, establishment, and enforcement of child support in a governmental office on the state or county level. In addition to overseeing requests for changes in the monthly amount of child support, these offices will assist custodial parents in determining paternity, locating absent parents, collecting and distributing support payments, and enforcing payment when the noncustodial parent is delinquent or unwilling to pay.
Often, however, these offices do not assist with custody, visitation, or divorce matters.

A Child Support Enforcement Attorney Can Help

The child services agency is focused on ensuring that the child’s interests are protected and while as a parent that is your focus too, you may find that the service has so many pending cases yours is not getting the attention it needs. Or if you are the noncustodial parent who is paying child support, you may feel that your concerns are being ignored or diminished.
In such cases, you may want to retain a child support enforcement attorney who can advise you on how best to proceed and as your representative ensure your issues are addressed.
A child support enforcement attorney can assist you with:
  • Preparing a petition or defending against a petition to change the amount of the child support payments
  • Establishing your case for change in circumstances
  • Establishing parentage or contest parentage
  • Modifying custody or visitation arrangements
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