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Top Buffalo, NY Business Law Lawyers Near You

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

300 International Drive, Suite 100, Buffalo, NY 14221

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

665 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

37 Franklin Street, Suite 800, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Grand Island Office | Serving Buffalo, NY

86 The Commons, Grand Island, NY 14072

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

455 Cayuga Rd, Suite 600, Buffalo, NY 14225-1300

Business Law Lawyers | Williamsville Office | Serving Buffalo, NY

6490 Main Street, Suite 4, Williamsville, NY 14221

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

40 Fountain Plaza, Suite 500, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

37 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

415 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

17 Beresford Court, Buffalo, NY 14221

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

424 Main Street, Suite 1600, Buffalo, NY 14202-3694

Business Law Lawyers | West Seneca Office | Serving Buffalo, NY

101 Slade Ave, West Seneca, NY 14224

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

1600 Rand Building, 14 Lafayette Sq, Buffalo, NY 14203

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

Key Center at Fountain Plaza, 50 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1230, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

1083 Delaware Ave, 2nd Floor, Buffalo, NY 14209

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

701 Seneca Street, Suite 750, Buffalo, NY 14210

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

200 Delaware Ave, Suite 1200, Buffalo, NY 14202-2150

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

14 Lafayette Square, Suite 1700, Buffalo, NY 14203

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

424 Main Street, Suite 2000, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

69 Delaware Ave, Suite 1003, Buffalo, NY 14202

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

343 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222

Business Law Lawyers | Buffalo Office

37 Franklin Street, Suite 900, Buffalo, NY 14202

Buffalo Business Law Information

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Lead Counsel Verified Attorneys In Buffalo

Lead Counsel independently verifies Business Law attorneys in Buffalo and checks their standing with New York bar associations.

Our Verification Process and Criteria
  • Ample Experience Attorneys must meet stringent qualifications and prove they practice in the area of law they’re verified in.
  • Good Standing Be in good standing with their bar associations and maintain a clean disciplinary record.
  • Annual Review Submit to an annual review to retain their Lead Counsel Verified status.
  • Client Commitment Pledge to follow the highest quality client service and ethical standards.

Find a Business Law Attorney near Buffalo

Are you Involved with Business?

Business law, also referred to as commercial law, refers to the different laws that govern business entities in all types of commerce, including sales, trade and merchandising. Business entities can be any type of business from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or a corporation. Any entrepreneur wanting to start a business in Buffalo will end up knee deep in many types of business law decisions, which will require different sets of skills.

What Business Law Covers

Business owners are faced with countless business law situations, which can range from starting a business and choosing its legal structure to business finances and taxes. These decisions could make or break your financial future and the stability of your business. A business law firm will be able to guide you through these decisions.

The hiring and firing of employees also falls under business law as does forming the right business partnerships. Creating legally binding contracts is crucial to your business being successful. A business law firm can help you with these situations as well.

How do you start a business?

If you decide to start a business, you should be ready to do some careful planning. What will your goals be? What are your products? Who are your customers? How will you get the money you need to start? Will you have employees? How will you incorporate? A business and commercial law attorney can help you answer and work through all of these questions.

How do you write a business plan?

The U.S. Small Business Administration, along with state and local government agencies, all provide good advice on what to include in a business plan. It should include answers to the above questions and provide any information that you think any potential investors will want to know.

How do you get a business license?

Your state government will have information about any permits and licenses you will need for your business. In some lines of business, there will be other federal and local permits you need as well, such as a liquor license. A business and commercial attorney can help you address every detail in getting your business off the ground, helping you avoid any unnecessary errors that can cost you time and money.

What sort of issues can I seek legal help with?

Specialized legal help is available for most legal issues. Each case is unique; seeking legal help is a smart first step toward understanding your legal situation and seeking the best path toward resolution for your case. An experienced lawyer understands the local laws surrounding your case and what your best legal options might be. More importantly, there are certain situations and circumstances – such as being charged with a crime – where you should always seek experienced legal help.

What to Expect from an Initial Consultation

  • Seek to determine whether the attorney can represent you. There is no one-size-fits-all legal solution and it may turn out your needs are better served by an attorney in a different specialization.
  • It’s important to find a legal ally who is both competent in the law and someone you can trust to protect your interests.
  • Discuss how the practice’s billing works and discuss possible additional charges or fees that may arise during or after the resolution of your case.

An attorney consultation should provide you with enough information so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with legal help.

Tips on Hiring an Experienced Lawyer with Business Law Cases

The more experienced a lawyer is in legal practice, the more likely he/she will be able to bring about a successful resolution to your issue. Since experience matters, lawyers who’ve been practicing law for many years (with a successful track record) tend to be in high demand. You should look for information about a lawyer’s experience and ask questions during the initial meeting. It’s a very good idea to ask the lawyer how many years he/she has been practicing law and the expected outcome of your case.

Common legal terms explained

Pro se – This Latin term refers to representing yourself in court instead of hiring professional legal counsel. Pro se representation can occur in either criminal or civil cases.

Statute – Refers to a law created by a legislative body. For example, the laws enacted by Congress are statutes.

Subject matter jurisdiction – Requirement that a particular court have authority to hear the claim based on the specific type of issue brought to the court. For example, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court only has subject matter jurisdiction over bankruptcy filings, therefore it does not have the authority to render binding judgment over other types of cases, such as divorce.

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