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What Is Embezzlement?

Bank Fraud and Embezzlement are fraudulent banking activities that are considered federal violations of law. Embezzlement, in particular, is an important statute under federal law that relates to the deceitful disclosure of assets for illegal conversion of funds. This frequently comes in the form of employee theft from financial institutions – or, the theft of money from a bank by one or more of the bank's employees. Often times, an employee will engage in embezzlement without fully understanding the severity and legal repercussions of this crime. If you are an employee of a bank and have been accused of bank embezzlement, it is time to contact a federal criminal defense attorney with demonstrated experience in bank fraud and embezzlement cases.

What Is Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud involves any fraudulent activity presented by a banking institution in order to profit deceitfully. You can be charged with bank fraud if you intentionally or unintentionally defraud a financial institution by overestimating the value of real estate through private discussions with a property appraiser. Bank fraud is not taken lightly in the eyes of the court, and such actions can result in a prison sentence of up to 30 years. If you are accused of bank fraud or embezzlement, don't take your chances on your own. Hire an attorney today to protect your rights and represent you in the court of law.

What Do Bank Fraud and Embezzlement Attorneys Do?

When it comes to issues of bank fraud and embezzlement, the legal realm should not be entered without the representation of an attorney. If you are accused of bank fraud or embezzlement, you will need to rely on the applied knowledge and wisdom of a bank fraud and embezzlement attorney. If you are suspected of bank fraud or embezzlement from a financial institution, contact an attorney today to legally represent you in court, protect your rights as a citizen, and guide you in the best course of legal action moving forward.

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