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Broadly, zoning determines the proper use of a piece of land and is governed by a local or state government. All privately owned pieces of land are zoned for a particular use, or uses, and, as such, the property that is built and used on the land must meet the zoning criteria in place.

Types of Zoning

When originally instituted, the goal of zoning was to group like types of building use together, or keep incompatible uses apart. For example, areas may be zoned as residential, commercial, or industrial, so that the only types of property uses within that area meet the zoning laws.

Today, zoning is used by local governments to permit, or prevent, new development from harming local residents or businesses already in the area. When you are considering making changes to a property or a property’s use, it’s important to check the zoning regulations. From type of property to use, size, number of people within it, height, and on and on can all be zoned by the local government.

How a Zoning Attorney Can Help

An experienced attorney can defend someone accused of zoning infringements, as well as help to clarify what the zoning is for your land, so it is important to find one who understands the laws of the jurisdiction in which you have been charged. If you have been accused of breaking zoning regulations, search for a zoning attorney in your area today.

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