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Sertraline hydrochloride (also known as Zoloft or Lustral) is a prescription medication prescribed for the treatment of depression. Zoloft is a type of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ("SSRI") that is widely prescribed in US for the treatment of

  • Depressive disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Social Anxiety

Unfortunately, women who take Zoloft are at risk of giving birth to babies with severe birth defects including heart defects. As a result, many Zoloft victims are now seeking monetary damages for the injuries either they, or their newborns, sustained.

Zoloft Lawyers

Zoloft lawyers represent victims who were seriously injured as a result of taking the drug, or being exposed to the drug in utero. Zoloft attorneys are highly specialized personal injury attorneys and focus their practice on representing seriously injured victims. These attorneys work with prescription drug victims on a daily basis and are sensitive to the unique needs of these types of clients.

Should You Hire a Zoloft Attorney?

You should at the very least speak with a Zoloft attorney if you or your baby suffered injuries as a result of taking the drug. Those prescribed Zoloft were typically told to take the medication to treat symptoms of depression. When a depressed woman gives birth to an unhealthy baby those feelings of depression can become compounded and may elevate to a frightening and unhealthy level. Talking with an experienced Zoloft attorney can help reduce the anxiety and stress associated with the illness, because the attorney will provide guidance and a solution to the problems. At the very least, your Zoloft attorney can help you determine whether you have a case, and if so, provide you with options on how to best move forward and get the compensation you deserve for you, or your loved one's, injuries.

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