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Workers’ Compensation

When an employee is injured on the job he or she can apply for worker’s compensation, an insurance program that employers purchase to provide compensation for a work-related illness or injury. Workers are compensated for out-of-pocket medical expenses and wages lost while undergoing treatment and recuperating.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

A person or business commits workers’ compensation fraud when the person or business willfully makes false statements or withholds information for the purpose of receiving benefits or preventing someone from receiving benefits.

For a workers’ compensation fraud scheme to be successful, several people along the process must be involved in the fraud. This can include the employer, employee, medical and health care providers, and representatives of the insurance company.

How a Workers’ Compensation Fraud Attorney Can Help

If you have been charged with workers’ compensation fraud or are being investigated for fraud, you may find the advice of an experienced workers' compensation attorney helpful. Conviction for workers’ compensation fraud is punishable by imprisonment and fines. Your liberty and finances are at risk.

When you consult with an attorney you can ask questions like these listed below and work with the attorney to devise a legal strategy for your defense.

  • What must the prosecutor prove to convict you?
  • Do the facts of your case support the charge?
  • What if you didn’t realize you were committing fraud but were just doing as you had been told? Is that a viable defense?
  • Your injuries are real and work-related, so why were you charged with fraud?

Also, the attorney you retain to represent you can:

  • Ensure your rights are protected
  • Present motions and arguments that may get the charges against you dismissed or reduced
  • Represent you in court
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutor to obtain reasonable bail, reduced charges, a plea agreement, a lighter sentence, probation, or community service
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