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VETERANS' LAW OVERVIEW Veterans' law deals with certain special rights that veterans are entitled to as a result of their service in the armed forces. The Executive Branch of the United States government created the Department of Veterans Affairs to administer and enforce these laws. Most of the laws that apply especially to veterans deal with retirement, disability, healthcare, vocational and educational services, and death benefits for dependents of veterans. Common issues that arise in the area of veterans' law include some of the following:

  • Determining whether a veteran's injuries were sustained or aggravated as a result of military service.
  • Determining whether a veteran is entitled to receive certain benefits.
  • Determining the amount of benefits that a veteran is entitled to.
  • Procedure for challenging the denial of a veteran's claim for benefits.
  • Determining whether conduct by a veteran has resulted in a forfeiture of entitled benefits and services.

Veterans' law is a very specific and detailed area of the law, and more complex and difficult issues than those listed above are likely to arise. However, to offset this complexity the Department of Veterans Affairs makes itself very accessible to veterans, and makes information regarding important aspects of veterans' law easily attainable.


The majority of the rules and regulations addressing A law can be found in Title 38 of the United States Code. All of the laws under this title are administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, its officers and subsidiary departments. Due to the complex and specialized nature of veterans' law, attorneys who practice it must have their qualifications approved by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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