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Tenants Have Rights

If you are a tenant, it is important to know that should you have a dispute or disagreement with your landlord you can assert your legal rights. You may believe that unlike you, the landlord has ready access to lawyers and accountants and the money to easily pay for their services.

In most situations a landlord is required to give a tenant notice. There are rules that mandate the type of notice necessary and how notice must be given and the number of days that make the notice sufficient. Notice requirements can apply in written lease and oral lease situations.

How a Tenant Rights Lawyer Can Help

A tenant rights lawyer can explain to you your rights under federal law and the laws of your state. Also, a lawyer can,

  • Negotiate on your behalf with your landlord to arrange for needed repairs
  • Arrange for your rent payments to be held in escrow until the landlord completes necessary repairs or improvements
  • Represent you in court if the landlord sues to evict you
  • Negotiate with the landlord as to unpaid rent, security deposit refund, notice requirements, payment of relocation/moving expenses, the date by which you agree to vacate the premises
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