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Overview of Statutory Rape

Statutory rape is illegal sexual intercourse with a person under the age of consent. State laws vary in their definition of the crime and whether intercourse is required or other kinds of sexual contact with a minor also constitute statutory rape.

If you have been charged with statutory rape and are convicted of the crime, you can receive a prison sentence. You will be considered a sexual offender and required to register with state and federal registries that will track your home, work, and school addresses.

How a Statutory Rape Defense Attorney Can Help

When you consult a statutory rape defense attorney you can:

  • Learn what statutory rape is and the punishment that can be imposed upon conviction
  • Know the elements of the crime that the prosecutor must prove
  • Discuss your possible defenses and legal strategy

Also, an attorney can:

  • Ensure your rights are acknowledged and you receive due process
  • Present motions and arguments that may get the charges against you dismissed
  • Represent you in court
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutor to obtain reasonable bail, reduced charges, a plea agreement, a lighter sentence, probation, or community service

Statuory Rape Legal Defenses

Whether you had actual sexual contact with the minor or have been falsely accused, there are defenses available to you. An experienced criminal defense attorney can devise a legal strategy for you and ensure your rights are protected.

Age is of critical importance to establishing statutory rape. Courts will consider the age of the accuser and the accused. The age difference between the accuser and the accused also is influential; the a larger the age gap, the more serious the crime.

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