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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse, also referred to as sexual assault, occurs when someone has sexual contact with another without their permission. Rape, molestation, and unwanted sexual touching are all forms of sexual abuse and you must immediately report this to the authorities if it happens to you or your child.

How a Sexual Abuse Attorney Can Help

Nothing can prepare you for the flood of emotions you will experience as a parent of the victim, or as a victim, but a sexual abuse or criminal law attorney will help you in the following ways:

  • Collect evidence needed to help with your case
  • Refer you to counselors who can help you deal with your feelings
  • Prepare you for the role you will play in the perpetrator’s trial
  • Protect you from the press or others

Being a victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence is a scary and trying time. A sexual abuse attorney will be your ally and will help you through your case.

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