Top Montgomery, AL Race Discrimination Lawyers Near You

Race Discrimination Lawyers

445 Dexter Avenue, Suite 2040, Montgomery, AL 36104

Race Discrimination Lawyers

RSA Plaza Building, 770 Washington Ave, Suite 150, Montgomery, AL 36104

Race Discrimination Lawyers

9457 Alysbury Place, Montgomery, AL 36117-6005

Race Discrimination Lawyers

445 Dexter Avenue, Suite 9075, Montgomery, AL 36104

400 S. Union St., Suite 205, Montgomery, AL 36104

Race Discrimination Lawyers

105 Tallapoosa St., Suite 200, PO Box 78, Montgomery, AL 36101-0078

Race Discrimination Lawyers

One Commerce St, Suite 700, Montgomery, AL 36104

Race Discrimination Lawyers

4142 Carmichael Rd., Montgomery, AL 36106

Race Discrimination Lawyers

250 Commerce St, Suite 203, Montgomery, AL 36104

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How Long Does a Discrimination Lawsuit Take?

A lawsuit or settlement negotiations can take months or even years to play out, but every case is unique, and will depend on the circumstances of your case. If there is a lot of compensation on the line, it’s likely that your case may take longer. Your attorney can advise you about what to expect.

How Do You Prove Employment Discrimination?

Just like with any other type of lawsuit, it will require evidence to prove your claims. If you think you are the victim of discrimination at your workplace, then it is important to document what you can. Save all email correspondence, phone messages, and performance reviews or other documentation that may prove your claims. Also, think about anyone you work with who would be able to corroborate your claims.

What Age Is Considered Old Enough for Age Discrimination?

In the eyes of the federal government, you can be the victim of age discrimination if you are 40 years old or older. Some state laws lower that age threshold. But if you are under 40, it will be difficult to press ahead with an age discrimination lawsuit.

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