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Prostitution Law

Prostitution is essentially the exchange of money for sex and is illegal in the United States, except for 11 counties in Nevada. Each state has its own laws regarding prostitution penalties and fines.

Prostitution has also been viewed as a form of human rights violations. Facing prostitution charges is serous and could end up with jail time and steep fines.

Why Should I Hire a Prostitution Defense Attorney?

If you have been arrested or charged with prostitution, you need the support of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who provides an aggressive defense on your behalf. A prostitution defense attorney handles your case and protects your rights. A lawyer can:

  • Analyze and examine the specifics of your arrest
  • Determine the best defense plan for your case to obtain the most favorable outcome for you
  • Build the case necessary for your defense
  • Work with you on building your defense
  • Assess the evidence and witnesses against you
  • Dispute the evidence against you
  • Preserve any evidence favorable to the defense
  • Advocate for your best interests
  • Negotiate a plea agreement in your favor

An arrest for prostitution can be devastating and stressful. Being charged with prostitution is a serious matter and may result in a felony or a misdemeanor level crime, depending on the laws of your state. It may result in jail time and adversely affect your reputation in the community. Hiring a prostitution defense attorney to represent you is the best way to ensure that your case gets resolved with the best result possible.

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