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Premises liability simply means that the owner of private property or a building open to the public may be responsible, that is liable, if you are injured on the premises as a result of a dangerous condition, such as footbridge in disrepair.

Should I Hire a Premises Liability Attorney?

Yes, because it is up to you to prove the allegations you bring.

Premises liability can involve a number of factors. Some that will be in your favor, and some may be in the opposition’s favor. An attorney experienced in this area personal injury law can assess all of the factors and determine if you have a valid case. If you do, your attorney will be able to challenge the opposition’s arguments and achieve the best result possible for you.

What Does a Premises Liability Attorney Do?

If you decide to file a lawsuit, your attorney will explain premises liability law and defenses to you and familiarize you with the civil court system and its rules and procedures involved so you won’t have any surprises and help you determine the amount in damages you will seek.

Your attorney will form a legal theory of what happened and why, gather evidence and build your arguments. This is done by investigating all aspects of the dangerous condition involved, who is responsible for that dangerous condition and, most importantly, why the dangerous condition was not corrected.

If the dangerous condition was not known, your attorney will develop evidence to prove the opposition is still liable. During the investigations, your attorney will talk to witnesses and to the opposition and gather all facts and the available physical evidence.

Your attorney will also negotiate a settlement with the opposition to avoid the expense of a trial. If a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will aggressively present your case in court.

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