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Physical Child Abuse

If you have been accused of physical child abuse, talking to an experienced defense attorney is in your best interest. Parents accused of child abuse may risk criminal penalties as well as losing the custody of their child. An attorney that is skilled in physical child abuse cases will be able to represent the best interests of the accused and assist with all valid defenses.

What Defenses May a Physical Child Abuse Attorney Allege?

Many injuries to children and infants may be the result of an accident and unfortunately parents or adults who are in charge of taking care of the child are typically the first to blame. When a person is accused of an injury that was accidental an experienced attorney can assist in proving the injuries were accidental and help to prove a person's innocence.

Also, oftentimes when a parent or guardian is accused of abuse the situation can become very emotional and they may make statements that are deemed incriminating. An attorney will be able to guide and protect you from making statements that may be used against you later.

Should I Hire a Physical Child Abuse Attorney?

A parent who has been accused of physical child abuse should call an attorney immediately to assist you with your case. The attorney will:

  • Assist you in explaining and protecting your rights.
  • Can keep the child abuse felony allegations out of court, and
  • Fight for your best outcome.

What Will a Physical Child Abuse Attorney Want to Know?

When you are preparing to meet with your attorney for the first time, he or she will likely want as much information as you are able to provide. Information that may be important will be:

  • Tthe facts of the case, such as how the authorities became involved
  • Any statements you make to the police
  • Access to any medical records and statements, i fapplicable
  • An explanation as to why the injury was an accident
  • Names of witnesses
  • Any additional information you think may help your case

Remember, your attorney needs to know all the facts and if he or she decides it isn’t useful, it may not get used. The more information provided to your attorney, the better for your physical child abuse defense.

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