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180 E Broad St, Suite 3400, Columbus, OH 43215

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200 Civic Center Drive, Suite 1200, Columbus, OH 43215-4260

41 S High St, Suite 1800, Columbus, OH 43215

Personal InjuryLawyers

100 South Third Street, Columbus, OH 43215

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5100 Parkcenter Ave, Suite 100, Dublin, OH 43017

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175 S. Third Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215

Personal InjuryLawyers | Serving Columbus, OH

4635 Trueman Blvd, Suite 100, Hilliard, OH 43026

Personal InjuryLawyers

41 South High Street, Suite 3250, Columbus, OH 43215

Personal InjuryLawyers

7650 Rivers Edge Dr, Suite 150, Columbus, OH 43235

Personal InjuryLawyers

625 City Park Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206

Personal InjuryLawyers | Serving Columbus, OH

6047 Frantz, Suite 105, Dublin, OH 43017

140 E Town St, 11th floor, Columbus, OH 43215

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Columbus Personal Injury Information

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Lead Counsel Verified Attorneys in Columbus

Lead Counsel independently verifies Personal Injury attorneys in Columbus and checks their standing with Ohio bar associations.

Our Verification Process and Criteria

  • Ample Experience

    Attorneys must meet stringent qualifications and prove they practice in the area of law they’re verified in.
  • Good Standing

    Be in good standing with their bar associations and maintain a clean disciplinary record.
  • Annual Review

    Submit to an annual review to retain their Lead Counsel Verified status.
  • Client Commitment

    Pledge to follow the highest quality client service and ethical standards.

What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is the legal term for harm or damage to someone’s mind or body, due to negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. Personal injury cases allow people who have suffered harm or losses to get compensation for someone else’s wrongful conduct. These cases usually seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other losses. Common types of personal injury cases include:

  • Car, train, and boat accidents
  • Police misconduct
  • Food poisoning
  • Libel and slander
  • Fraud
  • Invasion of privacy and trespassing
  • Battery
  • Spinal cord and sports injuries

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

An experienced lawyer can give you the knowledge and backing you need to navigate the legal system and find the best possible results for your case. Because laws are different from state to state, speaking with a lawyer near you is critical in understanding all the elements of your situation and making the best decisions to move forward. A personal injury lawyer can help with:

  • Legal counsel and guidance
  • Investigating and gathering evidence
  • Determining liability
  • Evaluating damages
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Litigation and trial representation

What Are the Top Questions When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer?

These questions can help you decide if you feel comfortable and confident that a lawyer has the qualifications, experience, and ability to manage your case well. Many lawyers offer free consultations that allow you to understand your options and get specific legal advice before hiring them. Top questions include:

  • What experience do you have in handling personal injury cases?
  • Have you previously represented clients with similar types of accidents or injuries to mine?
  • What is your success rate in obtaining favorable settlements or verdicts for your clients in personal injury cases? How will you assess the strength of my case and determine its value? Do you have a network of experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals, who can support my case if needed? What is your approach to negotiating with insurance companies?

Tips for Hiring a Lawyer

Taking the time to find a lawyer who is right for you and will represent your best interests is an important first step in protecting your rights. Find a lawyer who understands your case, knows your needs and goals, and has the experience to get the best outcome. Things to do:

  • Ask for recommendations
  • Research lawyers online
  • Schedule consultations
  • Review experience and expertise
  • Talk about fees and billing
  • Trust your instincts
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