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Personal Injury

A personal injury under the law is any type of injury, including emotional distress, a person suffers as the result of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence. In the United States when a person is injured they have a right under the law to recover for their injuries from the responsible party. It often does not matter whether an individual intended to cause an injury, what matters is typically the type and degree of injuries a person sustains.

In many cases a plaintiff (the injured party) is able to recover and get compensated for injuries by working with the wrongdoer directly or with that business or individual’s insurance company. Unfortunately, however, in many cases the amount of money the injured individual wants is not a figure the wrongdoer is willing or able to offer. When the two sides cannot agree on a settlement a lawsuit may be filed in order to force the wrongdoer to pay what is arguably owed. In that case, the plaintiff files suit against the defendant and a court case ensues.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys have played, and continue to play, an important role in the United States and elsewhere. Personal injury lawyers represent plaintiffs and help get them the attention and compensation they deserve under the law for their injuries. Additionally, personal injury lawyer can help set government and corporate policy, which can have a beneficial impact on every day life by eliminating unsafe or unhealthy situations. Would Asbestos have remained on the market had there not been significant and severe personal injury lawsuits resulting from its use? Would air bags have been mandatory in all modern cars without the push by personal injury lawyers to make cars safer?

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

After an injury you’ll likely consider whether it’s worthwhile to hire a personal injury attorney. The surprising answer is “it depends.” If your injuries are insignificant (think less than a few thousand dollars in medical bills) your best strategy may be to deal with the wrongdoer or the insurance company on your own. In instances like these a personal injury attorney may simply delay your settlement, and you may even have difficulty finding an attorney who will accept your small case.

If however your damages are significant and you’re dealing with a wrongdoer who either doesn’t admit liability, or an insurance company who is keen on low-balling offers, you should seriously consider at least speaking with a personal injury attorney. A good attorney will:

  • Make sure your medical needs are met and your medical bills are paid.
  • Vigorously represent your interests and fight for your legal rights.
  • Attempt to get you the maximum insurance policy limit for your injuries. In instances where the defendant has no insurance your personal injury attorney will be able to investigate and determine whether the defendant has substantial personal assets, which may make a lawsuit worthwhile.
  • Fight for you in court if necessary.

Another point to consider is the mental state a plaintiff experiences during and after an injury. Usually a person’s number one thought is to get healthy. Fighting insurance companies and unwilling defendant’s is not the way to recover from injuries. A personal injury attorney can help relieve the pressure of an injury dispute allowing you to focus completely on your recovery.

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