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Paternity suits are important particularly in child support cases. Paternity establishes the fatherhood of a child. Paternity must first be established before a father is ordered to pay child support and granted child visits. If you are facing a paternity lawsuit, you probably already know that it can be complicated and emotionally draining. Just because you are the biological father does not mean that you are legally the father. Your attorney will assist you with various paternity issues including:

  • Assist with the “Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit” which voluntarily acknowledges paternity;
  • Genetic testing to show 99% probability of fatherhood;
  • Rescinding the paternity affidavit if you believe after having signed the affidavit acknowledging paternity that you are not the father.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Paternity Attorney?

Paternity laws are complex and vary from State to State. Paternity establishes fatherhood and once established, child support for the child’s benefit is ordered. Just because paternity has been established doesn’t mean you are automatically granted visitation rights to see your child. Paternity issues are established first, then visitation issues will be dealt with. Your best solution is to hire an attorney to handle your paternity suit.

Your attorney will:

  • Give you the information you need;
  • Defend your paternity case in your respective State; and
  • Help you resolve your paternity issues.
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