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Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice covers a broad range of conduct encompassing a number of state and federal statutes. If you are charged with obstruction of justice, you need an aggressive attorney well versed in criminal procedures and the obstruction of justice statute you are facing.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Contacting an attorney at the earliest possible moment is crucial to your defense. Your attorney can step between you and the justice system to ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected. For example, your lawyer will tell investigators that you have been advised not to answer questions without your attorney present. That way, investigators may not think you have something to hide because you took it upon yourself to remain silent.

How an Obstruction of Justice Attorney Can Help

Your attorney will listen carefully to you as you explain what happen leading up to being investigated or charged with a crime. Your lawyer will ask questions to learn information you might not have considered relevant. He or she will explain to you what the law says, what the prosecution must prove and how the criminal justice system works.

Building Your Defense

You have a right to know everything the prosecution knows. It is your attorney’s job to obtain that information and evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of the case against you.

Your attorney can also investigate the case independently to collect information and evidence to build your defense.

What an Obstruction of Justice Attorney Can Do if You Go to Trial

At trial, your attorney will challenge the prosecution’s theory of the case, challenge the credibility of witnesses, and may be able to have prevent certain evidence from being used against you. In presenting your defense, your attorney may call witnesses on your behalf and present evidence.

Should you decide to make a deal with the prosecution, your attorney will negotiate with the prosecution to obtain the best possible arrangement in reducing your time in confinement and any fine that may be imposed.

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