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Should I Hire a Civil Mortgage Loan Fraud Attorney?

Civil mortgage loan fraud occurs when an applicant for a mortgage loan misrepresents their ability to repay said loan, or when the lending company makes a loan that they can reasonably see the borrower will not be able to repay according to the terms of the loan. If you have been accused of civil mortgage loan fraud, regardless of whether the charges are empty or you are innocent, it is important to contact an attorney immediately.

Regardless of your involvement with the fraudulent activity, your knowledge of the fraudulent activity, or your responsibility for the fraudulent activity, you need to seek legal counsel to guide you through the complexities of civil mortgage loan fraud, and represent you in court during your trial.

What Do Civil Mortgage Loan Fraud Attorneys Do?

If civil mortgage loan fraud accusations have been brought against you, hire a civil mortgage loan fraud attorney as soon as possible. Even if you work for a company that is hiring representation, it may be a good idea to retain your own counsel as well to protect your own rights above those of your company or employer. The laws surrounding civil mortgage loan fraud vary by state and may have federal implications if you are found guilty and held accountable for fraudulent activity. The punishments vary depending on the severity of the fraud, and can range from fines, to losing your lending license, to possibly even jail time if the fraud is extensive enough.

Protect your rights. Search for a civil mortgage loan fraud attorney today to represent you in court and build a strong defense against the allegations brought forth regarding civil mortgage loan fraud.

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