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Toxic mold is no laughing matter. Many victims of mold exposure go for months or years without a proper diagnosis. If you have suffered from, or are presently struggling through the health symptoms of toxic mold exposure, you may be entitled to restitution based on state and local laws. A mold exposure attorney will possess a wealth of knowledge on applicable exposure laws, including other toxic entities like asbestos, and will be able to offer their expertise and guidance in determining a proper course of action.

Determining Mold Exposure Illnesses

Toxic mold exposure can lead to a variety of symptoms, and an ultimate decline in health. If you have persistent flu-like symptoms, and a doctor believes it may be due to mold exposure, a mold exposure attorney will help you understand what you are entitled to legally. These instances are is in cases of mold exposure found within rental property, or places of employment. Business owners, property owners and property managers are responsible for providing an environment free of toxic exposure.

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