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Military Divorce

Unfortunately, military personnel get divorced just like everyone else. However, if you or your spouse are in the military, questions about military benefits, a serviceperson’s responsibility for child support, or other issues may apply.

Issues Surrounding Military Divorce

While divorcing a member of the military (or divorcing as a member of the military) is similar legally to a civilian divorce; there are certain special factors that you may have to consider.

One issue is the procedure if one party is stationed overseas. This may complicate matters if that party needs to be in a different state to participate in divorce proceedings.

Another issue is military benefits, some of which military spouses are entitled to enjoy. In a divorce, a military divorce attorney will know what military benefits a spouse is entitled to.

You also may be unsure about how issues such as child support or spousal support will affect you if you or your spouse is in the military.

Military Divorce Attorneys

Because a military divorce may have special issues, it’s important that you contact a military divorce attorney in these cases; that is to say, a divorce attorney who specializes in military divorces. Military divorce attorneys can help you navigate the world of military divorce and help you get an equitable settlement.

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