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Military Discharge

If you have served faithfully in the armed forces and completed your tour of service as agreed, you should receive an honorable military discharge. Certain violations of the military code may result in a dishonorable discharge, which would result in denial of the benefits you would normally receive as a result of military service. However, some dishonorable discharges can be upgraded to honorable under the right circumstances.

Types of Military Discharge

To upgrade your military discharge, you must prove to the Discharge Review Board that your dishonorable discharge was either inequitable or improper.

An inequitable dishonorable discharge means that your discharge was not necessarily a mistake of law, but a decision not in line with the ethics or traditions of military service, for example if it was based on a single incident in an otherwise spotless career.

An improper dishonorable discharge would be one made in error, for example, the decision was based on a violation that was later proven to be committed by someone else.

Military Discharge Attorneys

If you think you are entitled to a discharge upgrade, you should definitely contact a military discharge attorney. An expert in this field can review your case and help you plead that case before the Discharge Review Board to give you the best chance of a discharge upgrade.

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