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Medicare Fraud

Making a fraudulent claim in an attempt to collect Medicare health care reimbursement, especially on a repeated basis, is considered Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud is a general term that can apply to a range of different cases and situations, but everyone who knowingly engages in Medicare fraud has the same overall goal: to collect monetary reimbursement from the Medicare system illegally and illegitimately.

Should I Hire a Medicare Fraud Attorney?

If you are accused of Medicare fraud, do not take these allegations lightly; consult an attorney with demonstrated experience with Medicare fraud immediately. Medicare fraud is a serious offense on both a state and federal level, and is met with grave repercussions should an individual be convicted of this crime.

Why Do Medicare Fraud Attorneys Do?

The penalties for Medicare fraud can be severe for not only the individual convicted of the fraudulent activity, but also for any health care systems involved with the case if they were complicit. Individuals can be held liable on both a state and federal level, and those found guilty of knowingly committing Medicare fraud can be subject to high fines and even criminal prosecution, which involves jail time.

Medicare fraud attorneys are well versed in applicable state and federal fraud laws, and will help better explain your rights and responsibilities if you are accused of Medicare fraud. Contact an experienced Medicare fraud attorney today to help you build your defense, guide you in the best course of legal action, and ideally clear your name of any wrongdoing so you can put this case behind you and move on with your life. Search for a Medicare fraud attorney in your area today.

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