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Immigration Through Marriage

One of the primary ways that people establish permanent residency status in the United States is through marriage to a United States citizen. Because a spouse is deemed an “immediate relative,” a person who is married to a United States citizen is immediately eligible for permanent residency. There is no quota for the amount of green cards that immediate relatives of U.S. citizens can receive, and the process normally goes fairly smoothly. Sometimes, however, issues arise in marriage-based immigration, and when they do an experienced immigration attorney may be able to help. Anyone who is considering starting an immigration case based on marriage should contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible discuss their case.

How an Immigration through Marriage Attorney Can Help

United States immigration law encompasses a complicated set of laws and regulations that can be very difficult to navigate. Any errors or omissions in an application for marriage-based residency could significantly delay your application and may even result in its denial.

A skilled immigration attorney will be able to:

  • Review the strength of your immigrant case
  • Inform you of any potential issues with your immigrant case
  • Properly fill out all required petitions and forms
  • Help you gather all required evidentiary documents to show the validity of the marraige
  • Prepare you for your final interview with an immigration officer
  • Attend the final interview with you and your spouse

Anyone considering applying for marriage-based immigration should contact an experienced immigration attorney to discuss their situation. An attorney can help ensure that your application is processed as smoothly as possible, and can also help represent you with the immigration authorities should questions arise.

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