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What Is the Jones Act

The Jones Act is officially referred to as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. It was introduced and passed to offer protection for sailors who had little or no recompense should they be injured while working at sea. A specific law was seen as necessary for those working at sea due to jurisdiction issues. These laws aim to ensure that U.S. citizens working in any capacity at sea cannot be discriminated against due simply to the fact that when injured they were not on U.S. soil.

Jones Act Attorneys

Attorneys that specialize in cases relating to the Jones Act have experience in maritime law, and specifically cases of workers compensation and any injury cases or safety cases which arise due to injury while working at sea. This is an important distinction from regular worker’s compensation or work safety cases due to jurisdiction issues, and it is the reason often laws while at sea fall under different jurisdiction as far as law enforcement and the courts which try these cases. The first step for any worker who has been injured at any work place is to seek out a lawyer, nearly as important is to seek out a maritime lawyer who specializes in these kinds of cases.

If you have been injured at sea, don’t trust your company or your insurer to provide you with the resources or the compensation that you deserve. They are not on your side. When you are injured at sea it is important to find a maritime attorney.

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