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What Is International Law?

International law is a group of laws, rules, or principles that are based on custom, treaties, or legislation and that control or affect the duties and rights of sovereign nations in relation to each other.

The highest judicial authority of international law is the International Court of Justice and the administrative authority is the United Nations.

The laws between nations involve treaties, legislation, multi-national contracts, and customs, so litigating an issue in the International Court of Justice and its arbitration tribunals is loaded with complexities and nuances that are unfamiliar to most lawyers.

Do I Need to Hire an International Lawyer?

To navigate through the international legal system requires a particular knowledge base and skill set to be successful. International lawyers are best equipped to handle these specific laws.

Why Should I Hire an International Lawyer?

If you have an international legal issue such as a claim or a judgment, your best course of action is to hire an lawyer who specializes in this area of law and who has the experience litigating the issue you have or similar issues.

Many lawyers working in international law are bilingual and bicultural and have lived and practiced law overseas.

If you are making deals with companies in foreign countries, an international lawyer will know the applicable laws and of that country, sometimes called comparative law, to ensure the contract you are making is valid and protects your interests.

What Can an International Lawyer Do for Me?

For most of us, going to court or into arbitration in a foreign legal system would be a stressful, unfamiliar experience.

So having someone at your side who is equipped to represent you to the utmost, explain the applicable substantive international law, the legal procedures and court rules involved can ease your peace of mind and work toward the best result possible.

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