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Insurance Bad Faith Denial of Benefits

Insurance companies have a contractual “good faith” obligation not to cause harm to its insured and to pay legitimate claims. Acting in bad faith by denying benefits allowed under the contract is illegal. States have similar laws prohibiting insurance companies acting in bad faith.

Bad faith insurance tactics include an insurer refusing to pay all or part of their obligation for no reason other than hoping the insured will feel helpless and frustrated and just go away.

If you believe your insurance company in bad faith denied any or all the benefits you are entitled to under your policy, you may have cause for legal action.

Should I Hire an Insurance Bad Faith Attorney?

All insurance companies have well staffed legal departments well versed in insurance law. If you decide to fight without an experienced insurance litigation attorney working for you, chances you may not prevail.

The best way to protect your rights under the insurance contract is to hire an attorney experienced in insurance and contract law.

What Can an Insurance Bad Faith Attorney Do?

If you sue your insurance company, it is up to you to prove your contention that the insurer intentionally acted in bad faith.

To prove your case, your attorney can:

  • Conduct an independent investigation of your claim to verify its legitimacy;
  • Investigate the insurer’s claim payment history to determine if a claim denial pattern exists;
  • Evaluate the contract to determine if it is intentionally confusing simply to disguise reasons to deny certain claims;
  • Depose claim adjusters to determine their reason for denying your claim;
  • Conduct research for the insurer’s violations of insurance and contract law.

Your attorney also will make sure your lawsuit it filed with the court promptly. If the statute of limitations runs out, then under the law you have forever waived your right to take legal action in that particular matter.

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