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Initial Public Offerings Attorney

If you are a business owner who is considering going public, you will need to consult with an experienced initial public offerings (IPO) attorney who is familiar with the complicated IPO process so that your IPO will be successful.

IPO Process Steps

There are many steps in the IPO process and, hiring an experienced attorney will help to insure that your IPO is successful. These steps include:

  • Planning for the IPO process – determining the best time for an IPO, developing a business plan and preparing financial statements
  • Choosing Underwriters – selecting the people responsible for buying and selling the securities to the public
  • Filing a Prospectus – submitting a registration statement to the SEC with details about the offering
  • IPO Promotion – presenting the IPO to potential investors
  • Final Offering Price and Amount – determining the final offering price and the amount of securities to be sold
  • Selling on the Stock Market – declaring the IPO effective thereby making securities available for purchase

Since the IPO is complicated and involves a number of important steps, it is best to consult with an IPO attorney in your area who has a good understanding of the process as well as all the IOP laws that apply to your situation.

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