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H-2B Visas

H-2B visas are a type of non-immigrant visa that allows employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States temporarily to perform non-agricultural labor for several different reasons, which are:

  • A one-time need
  • A seasonal need
  • An intermittent need
  • A peak load need

In addition to showing that the need is temporary, the employer seeking the H-2B visas must also show that there are not enough United States workers who are capable of doing the work, and using H-2B workers will not negatively affect either the wages or the working conditions of U.S. workers who are doing similar work.

United States immigration law can be very complicated, and any employer considering filing an H-2B visa petition should consult with an experienced H-2B visa attorney as soon as possible. Retaining an experienced immigration law attorney can help ensure that your petition is filed and accepted as smoothly and quickly as possible.

How an H-2B Attorney Can Help You

Successfully obtaining an H-2B visa can be much more complicated than simply filling out the required forms and submitting them to the proper agency. There are many steps in order to establish that both a particular employer and employee are eligible for an H-2B visa, and the process can easily get derailed or held up along the way.

An attorney that understands the process and has experience in obtaining H-2B visas can help maximizing your chances of obtaining a favorable result and also help anticipate and avoid any issues that may arise in the process. When you hire an experienced H-2B visa attorney, you can be certain that the procedural and substantive issues that may arise in obtaining an H-2B visa will be properly and professionally handled.

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