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You may never want to eat again when you are in bed stricken with food poisoning, but you may want to be compensated and hold the party that made you sick accountable. To do that, you will need a lawyer who specializes in handling food poisoning cases.

Should I Hire a Food Poisoning Attorney?

You have a right to expect those in the food industry, including processors, supermarkets, and restaurants, to provide food that is safe to eat.

You may have a legal claim, especially if you were among a large group of people poisoned by the same circumstances. Either way, it is in your best interests to hire an attorney well versed in personal injury and/or product liability laws to represent you.
Many attorneys offer free legal consultations and agree to be paid only if he or she wins your case for you.

What Can a Food Poisoning Attorney Do?

It is up to the plaintiff – you – to prove you case. A food poisoning attorney can help you do that. Many times it can be difficult to determine what food poisoned you, which is critical to your case. Your experienced lawyer can help determine that through research, investigation and knowledge gained from years of helping people in similar situations.

Your food poisoning attorney will discover and collect all the pertinent facts, file your lawsuit and be your personal representative so you won’t have to confront anyone during this stage of the legal process.

Once your lawsuit is filed, your attorney can negotiate with the defendant’s attorney to settle the case to your best advantage so you are adequately compensated for medical bills, pain, suffering and other losses, such as time away from work.
If your case goes to trial, your food poisoning attorney will be by your side and present your case, and challenge the arguments of the defendant.

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