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What Is Federal Income Taxation?

Federal income taxation represents the portion of your income that the federal government requires you pay in order to keep the government running and as restitution for the government services you receive. Your tax dollars pay for the maintenance of roads, police officers, firefighters, public park maintenance, and other services that you would have difficulty surviving and prospering without.

Federal Income Taxation and the Law

There may be situations where you run into legal problems regarding your federal income taxation, such as:

  • The government claims you intentionally misreported your income.
  • The government claims you are hiding income.
  • You feel the government is claiming more of your income than they are entitled to under the law.

Federal Income Taxation Attorneys

Facing the IRS, which handles issues of Federal income taxation, can be very scary. Just as the government has experts on their side, you should have experts on your side when dealing with legal issues of Federal taxation. If the IRS is contacting you about legal issues regarding your return, contact a federal income taxation attorney as soon as possible. An expert in tax law can help protect you from the IRS and keep you out of trouble.

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