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2100 Georgetown Drive Suite 300, Sewickley, PA 15143

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606 Liberty Avenue, Suite 214, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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3810 S Water St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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20581 Route 19, Suite 1, Cranberry Township, PA 16066

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800 Cranberry Woods Drive, Suite 115, Cranberry Township, PA 16066

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10475 Perry Highway, Suite 212B, Town Centre, Wexford, PA 15090

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650 Washington Road, Suite 700, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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2100 Wharton St, Suite 302, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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186 Castle Shannon Blvd, Suite 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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429 Fourth Ave, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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1725 Washington Road, Suite 301, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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229 S Maple Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601

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Beaver Family Law Information

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Our Verification Process and Criteria

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    Attorneys must meet stringent qualifications and prove they practice in the area of law they’re verified in.
  • Good Standing

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What Is Family Law?

Family law is an area of law that covers a wide range of matters relating to family relationships and domestic issues, looking at your rights and responsibilities within those family relationships. Family law is a complex and sensitive area of law that offers a meaningful way to resolve disputes while protecting the rights and interests of everyone involved, especially children. Some common areas of family law include:

  • Child custody and support
  • Divorce and marriage
  • Guardianship
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Adoption
  • Paternity and fathers’ rights
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Reproductive rights, surrogacy, and artificial conception

What Are Some Examples of Situations Where I Might Need a Family Law Lawyer?

You might need a family law lawyer if you are:

  • Going through a divorce and need help with issues like dividing assets, setting child custody arrangements, or determining spousal support
  • Negotiating a prenuptial agreements
  • Adopting a child
  • A victim of domestic violence
  • Facing a child protective services investigation
  • Modifying existing custody or support agreements

How Can a Family Law Lawyer Help Me?

An experienced family law lawyer can give you the knowledge and backing you need to navigate the legal system and find the best possible results for your case. Family law varies by state. A lawyer near you with experience dealing with Pennsylvania family law and the courts and family resources in Beaver is critical in making the best decisions to move forward. A family law lawyer can help with:

  • Representation in court, negotiation, and mediation
  • Enforcement of court orders relating to support and custody
  • Privacy and emotional support during a difficult, stressful time
  • Legal strategy and planning, including helping you focus on what is worth compromising on and what is worth fighting for

What Could Happen if I Don’t Hire a Family Lawyer?

You might face several challenges if you don’t hire a family lawyer. You could struggle to navigate the legal process, leading to unfavorable outcomes in matters like child custody, support, or asset division. Without proper legal guidance, you might miss important deadlines or fail to present your case effectively, resulting in unfair settlements or agreements. You may agree to a settlement that is not actually fair to you. A family lawyer helps protect your rights, ensures fair treatment, and works to achieve the best possible outcome for your family situation.

What Are the Top Questions When Choosing a Family Law Lawyer?

These questions can help you decide if you feel comfortable and confident that a lawyer has the qualifications, experience, and ability to manage your case well. Many family law lawyers offer free consultations that allow you to understand your options and get specific legal advice before hiring them. The top questions include:

  • What is your experience in family law?
  • Are you familiar with Beaver and Pennsylvania courts and judges?
  • Have you managed cases like mine before?
  • How do you manage potential conflicts of interest?
  • What are the potential outcomes of my case?
  • What is your fees and billing structure?
  • How involved will I be in strategy decisions about the case?

Tips for Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

Finding a lawyer who is right for you and will represent your best interests is an important first step in protecting your rights. Find a lawyer who understands your case, knows your needs and goals, and has the experience to get the best outcome. Things to do:

  • Ask for recommendations
  • Research lawyers online
  • Schedule consultations
  • Review experience and expertise
  • Talk about billing and fees
  • Trust your instincts
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