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Environmental Law

Environmental law is a complicated, broad area of law that centers on compliance with federal and state regulations involving environmental issues. Some examples of issues that are considered under environmental law issues include urban planning, land use regulations, water rights, air rights, the use, storage, and disposal of chemicals, pollution issues.

Environmental law violations or litigation can be extremely costly, and could potentially shut a business down or cause serious financial strain to individuals. Because this area of law is so specific and narrow, any person or business that may need counsel or representation in environmental law should retain an experienced environmental law attorney as soon as possible.

How an Environmental Lawyer Can Help You

Environmental law is extremely complex in that it implicates federal and state regulations, common law issues, tax liabilities, and has the potential to result in complex and costly litigation. It is therefore extremely important for anyone who is affected by environmental law to ensure that they do everything possible to limit liabilities and ensure compliance with applicable law.

Some of the ways an environmental law attorney can assist you include:

  • Helping to develop corporate policies that limit potential liabilities
  • Ensuring that current practices are in compliance with applicable regulations
  • Identifying potential sources of liability
  • Representing you or your company in any environmental law proceedings
  • Negotiating settlements or other matters on your behalf

These are just some of the ways in which an environmental law attorney could potentially help you. Because of the legal implications that environmental law issues could have, you should contact an experienced environmental law attorney as soon as possible.

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