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An easement attorney should be well-schooled and experienced in the various easement laws in the State where they operate, and because these laws can be quite different from State to State and even from one county to another, hiring someone who knows the local layout, as far as easement laws, is pretty important. Those who run into various easement issues are sometimes surprised by the commonality and the wide spectrum of easement cases.

What Is an Easement?

An easement is a somewhat unique situation, but may be more common than many property owners realize. This is when someone besides the owner of a piece of land or property has some right over some portion of that property, either to use the land for a particular purpose, run the land, even live on a piece of the land. The specific details of various easements vary quite a bit and there is a near limitless number of possibilities. Easements are not always for individuals. More commonly it is for some government (local or federal), a business, or a utility company.

Preventing an Easement

If you allow one to use land put in writing that it is not and easement, the help of a lawyer to draw this up is recommended. Check property regularly to ensure it is not being used in such a way that may lead to an easement should it continue for whichever time frame local governments have specified. Give permission, which can seem counter-intuitive but which can establish that you are lending in a limited timeframe preventing an easement.

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