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Domestic Partnership Law

Laws concerning domestic partnerships vary greatly from state to state. Although these laws are supposed to provide benefits to partners, they are still undefined in many jurisdictions and, therefore, it is important that your attorney be familiar with the specific laws for the jurisdiction in which you live

There are many factors to consider before registering your relationship as a domestic partnership. You will want to know if and to what degree the partnership is granted rights equal to the rights of a married couple. Also, it is important to know if your partnership will be recognized in other states and specifically which states recognize such partnerships. Over the course of your relationship, you may want or need to move to a different state. It may be a concern if relocating would cause the loss of your partnership rights.

Domestic Partnerships and Your Legal Rights

In the last decade, many states have passed laws that provided benefits to domestic partners that had previously only been offered to married couples including:

  • The right to inherit from a partner’s estate
  • The right to make medical decisions for a partner
  • The right to use sick leave to care for a partner
  • The right to obtain health insurance through a partner
  • The right to adopt a partner’s child as a step-parent

How a Domestic Partnership Attorney Can Help

The law and public policy on domestic partnerships is relatively new and constantly evolving. Consulting with an attorney could be beneficial. An lawyer can advise you on the current state of the law where you live, and:

  • If the state where you reside has laws governing domestic partnerships and explain to you what the law requires
  • The rights and privileges extended to domestic partnerships
  • Drafting and registering official documents and forms necessary to establishing the domestic partnership
  • Drafting and preparing an agreement between you and your partner that sets out the specifics of your domestic arrangement and
  • How to terminate a domestic partnership

If you wish to establish a formal domestic partnership, don’t take a chance with the law. Search for an experienced domestic partnership attorney in your area today.

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