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Potential Results of Criminal Mortgage Loan Fraud

Criminal mortgage loan fraud can be investigated at the state level, but charges will ultimately be levied in a federal court of law within the state the crime was committed. Penalties in a guilty verdict in a criminal mortgage loan fraud case can result in a financial restitution judgment and up to 30 years in prison.

Skilled attorneys will aid in the process from:

  • Helping you understand the charges
  • Developing a defense strategy and case
  • Guiding you through your legal rights as a defendant in a mortgage fraud case

Criminal Mortgage Loan Fraud Attorneys

Mortgage loan fraud, also known as simply mortgage fraud, is a very serious crime. The F.B.I. dedicates an entire section of their website to "white collar crime," identifying criminal mortgage loan fraud near the top of their "Major Threats" category. If you are under investigation for mortgage loan fraud, or have been accused of criminal mortgage fraud, it is crucial to seek the counsel and applied wisdom of an experienced criminal mortgage loan fraud attorney. These specialized attorneys offer legal representation in the court of law, ensuring your rights are not violated and justice is served. Criminal mortgage loan fraud attorneys will also help you develop a solid understanding of your case by informing you of state and federal laws, presenting the facts in a digestible manner, and guiding you to the best course of action moving forward.

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