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Criminal Fraud

Criminal fraud is known as a form of white collar crime and includes anything that is deceitful such as act, statements, omissions or concealment of fact that may involve breaches of a special duty or trust. Criminal fraud specifically entails someone lying or concealing information and the other party relies on the information or lie or is hurt by it. Criminal fraud is a crime and someone can be arrested and convicted if found guilty. Some penalties for criminal fraud may be imprisonment, probation, or restitution.

Do I Need a Criminal Fraud Defense Attorney?

If you are accused of criminal fraud it will be in your best interest to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. An effective criminal attorney may help you to get a lesser sentence or have the charges dismissed altogether. Various factors will impact how your case is handled. For instance the severity of the criminal fraud or any prior bad acts could impact any penalties you are given. These factors can be properly handled if you choose to hire an experienced criminal fraud defense attorney that has handled cases such as yours before.

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