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Consumer Protection

An extensive body of state and federal law protects consumers against fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices. These practices include misleading advertising and sales tactics, faulty credit financing and reporting, harassing debt collection, poor product quality, and unfair trade competition.

Consumer protection laws are enforced by the Bureau of Consumer Protection under the Federal Trade Commission.

Consumer Protection Attorneys

Consumer protection has become a hot commodity in a growing International business world. With the addition of thousands of online businesses to the world of commerce, as well as changes in local law, you need to understand your rights as a consumer, as well as your responsibilities to consumers as a business owner. Whether in need of solid counsel, or representation in drafting a legal suit within the field of consumer protection, a specialized consumer protection attorney will serve as the appropriate solution.

Consumer protection attorneys possess a depth of understanding for current consumer protection laws, as well as growing trends in state and federal consumer laws. This includes detailed understanding of the following topics:

  • Various State and Federal Credit and Lending Acts
  • Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act (Adopted by many states)
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission

What Do Consumer Protection Attorneys Do?

Your consumer protection attorney will ask questions about your situation in an initial meeting with you to assess the strength of your case. Most attorneys do not charge for the initial consultation.

Next, you and your consumer protection attorney will need to prove your case. An investigation into the loss you suffered is necessary to document your loss, determine who to sue, and prove that your loss was caused by that person or business.

Your consumer protection attorney will document your evidence and learn what the opposition did or did not do in preventing your situation to arise.

It could be that many others are in your particular situation. If so, a class action lawsuit is possible. Your consumer protection attorney can determine if you can join or start a class action lawsuit.

Your consumer protection attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf and attempt to negotiate a settlement, with your permission. Should a settlement not be arranged, your attorney will aggressively argue your case in court.

Consumer protection attorneys are able to present excellent legal advice whether you fall into the category of a consumer seeking justice, or a supplier in need of legal counsel to work within the confines of applicable state and federal law.

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