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Computer Crime

Computer crime refers to a broad category of criminal activity that involves computers and computer networks. It can be thought of as two broad categories:

  • Crimes that directly target computers, such as the intentional dissemination of a computer virus or other types of malware
  • Crimes that utilize computers to commit, such as identity theft or fraud

As our laws catch up with existing technology, jurisdictions are criminalizing certain types of behavior related to computers. For example, several jurisdictions have criminalized the sending of spam or engaging in phishing scams.

How Can a Computer Crime Attorney Help?

The increased use of computers and mobile devices to transmit sensitive data and conduct financial transactions has resulted in a tremendous increase in the amount of computer crimes that occur. As a result, law enforcement agencies on both the local and federal level have begun to engage in more aggressive enforcement of computer crime laws. In addition, the legal consequences of computer crimes have grown much more serious in recent years. It is important for anyone who is facing a computer crime case to retain an attorney who understands what computer crimes are and how to most effectively defend against these kinds of allegations. A computer crime attorney can help if you are accused of:

HackingCredit card fraud
Money launderingHarassment
Sex crimes via the internetCyberstalking
Identity theftChild pornography

Contact a Computer Crime Attorney for Help

These are just a few of the kinds of crimes that may occur through the use of a computer or the internet. Computer crimes could potentially result in fines, restitution, being required to register as a sex offender, even incarceration. In addition, crimes that occur over state lines could result in a federal offense. Because this is an emerging area of law, it is essential to seek legal counsel who specializes in computer crimes and stays abreast of recent developments in the law.

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