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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a special, more cooperative approach to resolving legal disputes. In a collaborative law situation, parties and their lawyers reject the classic adversarial legal process, and instead agree to work together to resolve their dispute equitably and peaceably.

Issues Surrounding Collaborative Law

As long as the parties involved are not determined to be adversarial; just about any dispute can be subjected to the collaborative process. Collaborative law lawyers agree to a few stipulations in order to make the process work.

The collaborative lawyers and parties agree to fully disclose all relevant documents and information, and not to try to exploit the other party or gain a competitive advantage.

Collaborative Law Attorneys

The collaborative lawyers typically agree to withdraw from the case if it becomes adversarial or ends up in court.

If the cutthroat nature of the traditional legal process does not appeal to you, or you wish to retain a healthy relationship with the other party after the dispute is resolved, you should contact a collaborative law lawyer to help you resolve your dispute. You may find this a much more pleasant and humane way to solve your problem.

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