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Class action lawsuits are brought by a large group with a common claim against a wrongdoer whether an individual or company. The group represented may be larger than the group filing the lawsuit. The group is generally made up of a people harmed in similar way by the same source. These people are known as a class.

A person who is harmed may sue on behalf of everyone who has been harmed but it is more common for a person to join a class action lawsuit as one of many.

Should I Hire a Class Action Attorney?

If you are the person initiating the class action lawsuit you need representation by a class action lawsuit attorney. If you are joining a class action lawsuit, you do not need an attorney.

Managing the many plaintiffs, the legal logistics involved, as well as keeping the class informed through written communication about the progression of the case, is among core competencies of class action law firms.

What Does a Class Action Attorney Do?

An experienced class action attorney will advise you on whether filing a class action or an individual lawsuit is best for your case, as well as on the steps to take to move forward.

Class action litigation can be complicated because many other similarly situated people may join the class and the attorney must show that each of them was harmed.

Because of the number of plaintiffs, the case itself will also be more complicated than a single plaintiff lawsuit. The amount of total damages can be far greater. In disbursing the monetary award, the amount due each member of the class must be determined.

Generally, however, the work of the class action attorney is the similar to single plaintiff cases. The class action attorney will conduct discovery to learn what the defendant company did or didn’t do and interview witnesses who are under oath to tell the truth.

As the class action case moves forward, the class action attorney will bring motions as legal issues arise and answer the motions brought by the opposition.

The class action attorney often tries to negotiate a settlement and will present the case at trial if a settlement cannot be reached.

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