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Should I Contact a Civil Assault Attorney?

If you have been accused of civil assault, you should contact a civil assault attorney right away to review the details of your case and ensure you receive proper legal representation in court. A civil assault occurs when an individual performs an act that one could reasonably expect will lead to an unwanted harmful contact with another individual. The legal term of assault can apply to both a crime (criminal assault) and a tort (civil assault). If you are being accused of any type of assault, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible, and exercise your right as a citizen to seek legal representation in a court of law.

What Do Civil Assault Attorneys Do?

While a civil assault charge may seem straightforward, the laws vary by state and jurisdiction, and it is crucial to know these laws prior to entering the courtroom, or find an attorney who can guide you in the best course of legal action moving forward. There is quite a bit of complexity involved in building a solid defense against civil assault charges brought against you. A civil assault attorney may be able to defend you by claiming that:

  • Your actions were not intended to cause harm
  • The other person was complicit in the actions that took place
  • The other person was partially or fully responsible for the harm that occurred

Make sure you have the best possible legal defense, counsel, and representation prior to entering your civil assault trial so you can clear your name of allegations brought against you, put this complicated and morose experience behind you, and move forward with your life. Hire an experienced civil assault attorney in your area today.

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