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Should I Hire a Child Pornography Attorney?

Child pornography is a very serious crime with very serious legal repercussions. If you are involved in a child pornography lawsuit, it is imperative that you hire an attorney who specializes in child pornography cases immediately. It is important to consider all possible legal defenses and develop a solid understanding of federal and state child pornography laws, so you can be sure your rights are protected in a court of law. Due to the severity of this crime and the related consequences, it is very important for anyone facing child pornography charges to choose an experienced attorney who demonstrates a solid understanding of child pornography laws.

Punishment for Child Pornography

While there are varying degrees for child pornography charges, any violation of child pornography law is a very serious crime and those convicted face severe punishment. A first-time offender may face fines and anywhere from 5 to 30 years in prison, depending on the offense. Convicted offenders may face even harsher penalties if there are prior convictions or if the offense occurred in aggravated situations (i.e., if the images are violent, sadistic or masochistic in nature or if the minor was sexually abused).

If you have been accused of child pornography, don’t take any chances with the law. Search for an attorney in your area who is experienced in child pornography cases and who has a detailed understanding of all the state and federal laws that apply to the charges.

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