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Age Discrimination

If you have been discriminated against because of your age, retain an age discrimination lawyer to help you with your case. Age discrimination usually takes place when an employer fires an employee or refuses to hire a person based solely on his or her age. The statute of limitations period for filing your age discrimination case varies from state to state. Therefore, you should consult with an attorney immediately after a discriminatory act has been taken against you.

How an Age Discrimination Attorney Can Help

An age discrimination lawyer can:

  • Provide their knowledge of Federal and state laws necessary to protect you from age discrimination
  • Help prove that your age was the reason your employer discriminated against you
  • Aggressively fight to protect your rights
  • Evaluate your age discrimination case
  • Offer legal advice necessary to win your case
  • Explain your legal options
  • Help you recover damages such as lost wages, benefits, compensation for emotional distress, and attorney fees
  • Help you recover a settlement for being a victim of discrimination based on age
  • Assist you in filing your lawsuit within the necessary statute of limitations period

These are just some examples of ways an age discrimination attorney may be of assistance. If you have been the victim of age discrimination, consult with a lawyer today to protect your rights.

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