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Administrative Law

Administrative law governs the authority and limitations imposed on governmental agencies charged with overseeing a particular matter under the control of the federal government. The reality is administrative agencies pass more laws and regulations that impact commerce and individual liberties than Congress. Some of the more well-known administrative agencies include:

  • Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”)
  • Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)

As noted by the list above, administrative agencies impact everything from preventing federal crimes to trading securities.

Administrative Lawyers

Administrative law lawyers dedicate their practices to representing the rights of individuals, businesses, and organizations who fall under the authority of administrative law. The legal procedures that deal with navigating a case through the administrative judicial system deviate (at times significantly) from those governing the traditional court system. Because of this Administrative Lawyers may focus their practices on dealing with clients within a particular field, such as telecommunications or securities.

Should I Hire an Administrative Lawyer?

If you are facing an administrative hearing, a board licensing hearing, or an agency investigation, you should consider speaking with an experienced administrative lawyer immediately. Remember, the laws and rules regulating administrative hearings are highly specialized, and only the assistance of a skilled administrative lawyer can ensure your rights and interests are well represented.

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