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Illegal Immigrants and Worker's Compensation

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If you are injured on the job and are in the U.S. illegally, you might not think you can receive any benefits from your employer. However, illegal immigrants may be entitled to medical treatment from their employers and insurance companies under worker’s compensation laws. State laws vary whether illegal aliens are eligible for workers compensation benefits, and courts have had to make decisions about it in some cases. Additionally, some benefits may be limited by certain federal laws. Even though the question of eligibility may not be simple, it is clear that many undocumented workers have been found to be eligible to receive benefits. Undocumented workers may even be eligible for other kinds of benefits while recovering from a work injury such as disability benefits. The key is this: If you have been injured on the job and aren’t living here legally, you’ll probably find it helpful to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in workers compensation laws.

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