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Tinted Windows

Full Video Transcript

Regardless of whether you purchased a new or used car, if you get caught with illegally tinted windows, you can be held liable and may be forced to pay a fine. When you select tinting, pay special attention to the manufacturer facts regarding the percentage of light allowed in. This is the number used by state laws to regulate tinting. Unfortunately, there isn’t one rule all states follow with regard to the levels of legally accepted tint. In general, most states do not permit tint on your windshield. If your jurisdiction allows windshield tint, it will be limited to a certain type in certain areas. Furthermore, many states do not allow tint to be placed on the front windows. If your state allows this type of tint, it is likely limited to a certain percentage. Finally, most states will allow extreme percentages of tint be placed on the back windows. Ultimately however, you should check your own state’s laws regarding tinting before having it installed on your vehicle.

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