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Texting While Driving Laws

Full Video Transcript

As of 2010, just under half of the states have banned texting while driving, and more and more states are continuing to catch on to the trend. Anti-texting laws are designed to prevent accidents which result from driver distraction while texting or even using their cell phones in other ways. Some states allow the police to ticket texting drivers as a primary offense, and others only allow a ticket for this offense if another driving offense, such as running a stop sign, also occurred. While not every state has a law that bans texting while driving specifically, distracted drivers in any state can be found liable for negligence if they cause an accident as a result of inattention or distraction from texting. Considering not only the fact that you could get a ticket for driving while texting… but that you could possibly seriously injure someone – or yourself – in an accident, its probably best to leave the texting to your “off-the-road” adventures.

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